Welcome to our page! We are the Astra Piano Trio.

We placed first in the Chamber Music Junior A division at the 2022 International Clara Schumann Competition! Watch our recording here

left to right: Annette Lin (piano), Valerie Lin (cello), Catherine Wang (violin.)
left to right: Annette Lin (piano), Valerie Lin (cello), Catherine Wang (violin.) 

Est. 2021.10.17

We like to say that history was made on the day we came together. And it's true. Three spinning flames, lifeforms on our own, hurtling through the universe. 

The Astra Piano Trio is an ensemble of high school musicians based in Southern California. We are passionate about music, feminism, Asian-American heritage, and dumplings! You can reach us through our email, astrapianotrio@gmail.com (business inquiries only). 

Astra - the plural form of the Latin word astrum, 'star' (from Greek ἄστρον, astron, 'a star').

Catherine Wang - Violin

Catherine is very much a math geek and an avid reader of YA fantasy novels, much to the teasing of all of us. This, however, does not deter her from enthusiastically consuming these works of literature. Some of her hobbies include digital art, folding way too much origami, and looking up cat memes on Instagram. Along with her musicianship, Catherine's skills in math have gained her nothing short of universal respect in all academic settings. 

Valerie Lin - Cello

Valerie (confusingly not related to Annette, despite the shared surname) is an official foodie that is completely addicted to chocolate (confirmed by group members). Her current passions include traveling, reading contemporary fiction, and watching an abundant number of YouTube videos. She especially enjoys traveling to Japan for their gourmet foods and very cute character collections. 

Annette Lin - Piano

Annette is a self-proclaimed nerd of all humanities subjects, including (but, of course, not limited to) art history, mythology, and Dimitri Shostakovich. Her photos app is full of 'fit-pics' and book covers for the vast "to-be-read" folder. Though Annette avidly consumes classical music, she is loath to be confused with the elitists of everyone's nightmares; she also listens to modern artists, especially the  musical duo called Pomplamoose.